Brand Identity for Sonrise Academy
Sonrise Academy is a Christian school that provides early childhood education to the children in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The founder of the school approached me for the purpose of creating a website. But by the end of our first conversation, it was clear that they also needed a brand identity and strategy to support all of Sonrise’s marketing efforts. The logomark is a multifaceted symbol — sunrise, hillsides, and book. The sunrise is not just a nod to the school’s playful name. It represents the start of a new day, a celebration of the present. The hillsides represent the Lebanon valley, their geography of focus. The book represents education and the Biblical values of Sonrise. The shield is a graphic element often used by educational institutions to convey tradition, history, and prestige. Although its overuse might seem trite, the shield made strategic sense to use as an element in Sonrise’s brand identity to help the audience see the young school as an established organization that takes itself seriously. The tagline, “Each Student Matters”, is a simple phrase packed with significant meaning for parents, students, and the Sonrise staff. Sonrise does not exist just to educate young children, it exists to bring out their individual uniqueness. View website:
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