Identity for the Humane League
I collaborated with Invictus to create the new identity for the Humane League of Lancaster County. I provided the illustrations for the new logo. I’ll allow what Invictus wrote in their presentation to speak for itself: “The proposed identity is designed to solve multiple problems and address the growing need of the Humane League of Lancaster County. It is flexible, timeless, and most of all alive! It utilizes a color palette estab­lished by the launch of the new website and typog­raphy that has been made standard over the last five years in the organization’ printed mate­rials. Perhaps what we find most inter­esting about this proposed identity is how it relates to the animals them­selves. It is playful yet stoic. It begs to be played with but is perfectly content being quietly curled up in the corner, and most impor­tantly, it is as unique and varied as the animals and the people who love them.”
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